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[In response to a thread titled : "Generals: Drop Ban on Gays in Military"]

the doctrine of military necessity mandates that only the most fit-physically, mentally, and otherwise-should be serving in any military branch. The dirty little secret these idiot retired brass are trying to gloss over, is that intrinsic to the homosexual lifestyle is a number of nasty little diseases not at all seen in the hetero world, not the least of which is AIDS.And beside those bugs, there is also a little thing called "gay bowel syndrome", obviously again peculiar to the gays,a case of which would also likely render a service member unfit for duty.
Finally, the inevitable plethora of sexual harassment, favoritism in promotions, and an overall lack of unit cohesiveness resulting from sexual tension and the "me first" mentality so pervasive to anyone who wears their sexual proclivities on their cuff, would be very bad news indeed.



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