Rev. Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E. #racist #psycho

[From "My Awakening"]

We do have Greek and Italian Creators within the Church, and I am honoured to call each and every one of them Brother or Sister

Born in 1969[…]I was naturally raised to be proud of my Race and Heritage. And for this reason I’ve been despised by muddyCULTuralists where ever I went[…]When I was a little seven year old sitting up the back of the class listening to my school teacher’s friend tell us about his native Hong Kong. When it came to my turn to ask a question I asked if everybody in Hong Kong had a flat nose like him[…]For the first time in my life I had been accused of racial vilification
I went home, spent more years watching television, learning that if you want to be cool you had to be either a nigger or non English speaking White – unless of course you were German. In that case you were either ridiculed as Colonel Klink or Sgt Schulze (both Jews), or you were a rampant Nazi[…]It was obvious where those who did speak English and looked White came from, as they were always telling the audience how their Kike Kulture was superior to anything from Europe
My family left South Australia and relocated to Victoria, where my awareness of racial matters went up a notch[…]I was harassed by a Greek kid, calling me Aussie Punk and Skippy. So I retaliated by calling him a Wog. Whereupon the Wog stabbed me in the arm with his lead pencil[…]Once the teacher found out I’d called the kid a Wog, everything changed[…]The Wog became the victim
I learned that the only way to beat a bully was to stand up, never back down[…]Whether it’s just some loud mouth, a libtard screaming “Nazi!”, a thug nigger calling itself Big Black Whatever, a Jewish Supremacist screaming “Holocaust!” trying to have me locked up for telling the truth in history, or a fat, half-witted Muslim neighbour playing the race-card
Bring on the Day of the Rope



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