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The Swedish Gender Equality Agency classifies violence against men as violence against women

The authority then writes that "men's violence against women" is an umbrella term, which includes violence in close relationships. Both violence in lesbian relationships and women who beat men should thus be included in the concept of "men's violence against women", according to the authority.

Why do we keep including feminism in left spaces?

It's not a matter of how these radical theories are allowed in left-wing spaces. It's a matter of what's supposed to be left-wing spaces having been hijacked by ideologies that almost perfectly mimic the far-right.

Left-wing ideas typically tend towards equality while right-wing ideas have historically tended to prioritizing certain social groups and demographic over others.

If over 40% of domestic violence victims get less than 1% of help and funding, it goes without saying that a left-wing approach to it would be to correct that gap in human rights and ensure they get proportional help. However the approach right now is the absolute opposite and more typical of right-wing views, enabling this gap as the demographic in advantage is somehow "more worthy".

If a legal definition of rape is leaving an entire demographic out, the obvious left-wing approach would be to make it equal, not doubling down on the discrimination or use it to claim that the excluded demographic is barely being raped at all ("overwhelming majority of victims are women", etc.)

Same goes for the education gap, sentence gap, reproductive rights, and so on.

The biggest trick that third-wave feminism has pulled was riding on the movement's history to convince everyone that they're a left-wing movement and the MRM is right-wing. Objectively speaking, the opposite is far more accurate.



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