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(Oh it is SO sad that society doesn’t tolerate your intolerance, Glowala you gross prick)

Honestly, The more I learn how insanely authoritan, racist, sexist and phobic mainstream media and the left is currently and remember how it will only get worse. The more I am convinced of my theory that the world ended in 2019 and this is hell and I'm getting depressed... Not 'oh I'm sad' i'm talking about full on proper existential Multi month long depression. To the point where I'd not want to be awake anymore, I'd want to be in a medically induced coma until society improved. Like I know there was a lot of screeching herpes and bullshit in 2019 but compared to now? two years ago was pretty much wonderful. God I miss the past...

I'm just gonna have to start mentally preparing myself to not be depressed and incredibly upset, To use an analogy America to me is like an old loveable grandpa who has some flaws and has done some real bad shit when he was a kid. But despite that he's done some wonderful and great things that make up for it, but now he's very old and he's beginning to lose himself and become a different person as his dementia develops. Unfortunately he is also suffering from chronic stage 4 cancer and will likely die very soon. All you can really do is ready yourself for when he passes, however though like many people in that situation I will remember the United States for what it was at it's and peak not it's cancerous death.



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