Personalityinkwell #sexist

[RageFuel] It's official: Roosh V is the most ungrateful asshole on the internet.

At first Roosh scams tons of incels by selling crappy game books. Then he has his forum, a great forum, mind you, which had practical advice for guys with decent looks and also discussed many truths about female nature and the modern world , but he destroys that with his "conversion". Now, he's destroying the archives of the game and travel forum which was good for EEmaxxing and SEAmaxxing. Also, he took down many of his blog posts which were very interesting. Overall, this guy has to be the biggest prick ever, and the worst part is people think he's "nice". No he's not, he's a damn prick who only ever cared about himself. The only reason he converted to religion was because PUA was dying and he needed a new way to make money and also because he aged and his sex drive went down.

Fuck Roosh.



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