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This is a big part of why we need to repeal the 19th Amendment. Carly Simon speaks for most women in evaluating candidates. None of our presidents through 1900 could have been elected if women had been voting.

Lincoln definitely wouldn’t have been elected by women. Tall, skinny, awkward, ungainly, no college degree, women scorn men like that today. As it was, he had all kinds of problems with the society belle he married, who ended up in an insane asylum.

70% of single women vote Democrat, and the majority of married women do too. Without women voting there’d be no Democrat party. This is why we have a stupid impeachment process, unprecedented, based on feelings.

And, note how women evaluate a man, based on how he makes them feel. So, the men who are libertines, bedding women right and left, like FDR, LBJ, Jimmeh Carter, Obama, Billy Jeff, are the choice of many women. The men who practice how to seduce women, are the ones most capable of manipulating a woman’s feelings, to win elections. Democrat men do this naturally. Even Trump and Reagan had libertinism in their background.



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