jesusfreakauthorgirl17 #fundie

[Poem entitled "Steal My Heart Back Jesus," placed in the categories Romance and Poetry]

I look at him
Across the room
And he looks back
Right at me
My heart flutters,
My cheeks glow red.
He comes and sits,
Next to me.
I start the conversation,
and he contributes with
Stories of his family.
The way his sister burps.
The way his mom can't to math.
He seems so genuine,
So true.
But then I ask
About his christian life.
And his lips zip tight.
He's a really good friend.
I'll give him that.
But I think I fell in love
With one who
Might not be
Quite Right.
I think I gave my heart away.
It's not broken yet.
Can you save it please?
Can you be the keeper of my heart?
'Cause I know you'll never
Ever break it.
And I should be falling in love
With You.



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