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1/ https://ctvnews.ca/canada/new-census-data-offers-snapshot-of-canada-s-transgender-population-for-first-time-1.5878130 It's hard to understand how 0.33% of the population has such a hold on public policy until you realize that gender ideology meets a need of the managerial class of all parties - a perfect strategic lie.

2/ Political leaders want followers who will fall into line without asking difficult questions. Demanding that people assent to a strategic lie is a test of loyalty. This is what the Chinese proverb to call a deer a horse means

3/ A good strategic lie should have 3 qualities. First, it should have a veneer of plausibility so intelligent people can at least pretend to believe it. You don't want all your followers to be totally stupid, just to weed out the ones who think hard and speak their minds.

4/ Most people have been willing to accept gender ideology, preferred pronouns etc. as a simple extension of a social justice movement. It takes a lot of time and effort to unravel the specious claims and obscure language that support it.

5/ Second, it has to relate to something fairly common so people can't just evade it. If you are in the government / corporate / academic world today you have to show at least minimal compliance with the demands of genderism every time you sign and e-mail or put on a name tag.

6/ Third, it should not harm anyone in a position of power. The victims of the lies of gender ideology are mostly women with the worst harm being suffered by the most poor and vulnerable, like those in prisons and shelters.

7/ If the transgender movement was simply about protecting the rights of a tiny minority, it would be poor and struggling like every other minority rights movement. It is because it has become a vehicle for an elite loyalty test that it has acquired power. /End



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