Ashenox #sexist

Re: What do these women hope to achieve by bashing men like this?


Imagine anyone saying this but the word man is replaced by woman. Legit everyone would flip

I honestly don't care. I've had Women in college try to argue that we speak American not American English or English but American. I've had Women try to argue to a feminist professor Women are held back by Men only to have the Prof shut her ass down. Many college students get stuck in a bubble and think they know it all because they're in College, but forget to research their opinions with the free access to vast Study repositories they have. The one thing I'm super happy about with my Communications major is that every single class slammed home the need for research and facts.

Sorry if my start is a bit harsh just can't think of the right words for I care but not really.

I wonder what a women studies class is like?

They start off okay going over history of Women and as soon as they reach Modern times it all goes to shit. Suddenly Modern times are worse than when Women were nothing but house wives and couldn't go to school. I had to sit and take notes for college as a part time job and one of the people was taking a class like this. I've never felt like I've ever been in a hostile environment in my life until I had to sit in that class. I eventually just dropped the class note job because it was honestly making me uncomfortable to sit and listen to things disproven by anyone with a History degree. It's a legitimate misinformation class in College and they tell you their studies which aren't even following an identifiable process are well respected in all Academic fields.



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