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They already dehumanize babies so dehumanizing prolifers is the natural next step.

And we all know what the step after that is.

person who doesn’t consider unborn humans to be human now doesn’t consider me human

Wow how shocking, who could’ve predicted that all along that they were hateful and self centered🙄

Yeah but what if you identify as human? Can they deny you that?

Oh no, can't wait for the LGBTQ to go after you for that comment. /s

It’s confirmed guys we lack basic decency for not wanting adults to kill defenseless fetuses

Seems like some juicy projection going on.

I don’t consider you human anymore

They already dehumanize babies so this doesn’t mean much

basic decency towards other humans

But advocates the slaughter of human babies

Same goes for racists

But advocates for a practice rooted in the slaughter of the black population

Same goes for anyone actively rallying to remove human rights

While rallying to remove the right to life for babies.

i mean first it was because it was a clump of cells, then they were parasites, then late term abortions became ok and even encouraged. Now even adult humans are not deserving of life anymore. I think they've lost all reason and we might even see some murders happening soon

Abortionists are already in the habit of dehumanizing people, so this isn’t much further at all.

Now we're dehumanizing born humans, sounds familiar, wasn't there some vaguely well known Austrian dude who did this 80ish years ago 🤔 Oh what was his name, Harold? Howard? Eh, can't be that important

“Pro lifers can’t show the basic human decency” they say while literally committing infanticide

It always amazes me how people can be on the blatantly wrong side yet so sure of themselves. Abortion or pro-choice is comparable to slavery in my eyes. Why can’t people have the choice? Lol.



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