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Alright then, I read your post and all the comments. You seem to be sincere about all this, so I apologize in advance for pissing in your cheerios, just know that I have only the best intentions. I definitely hope that you're right about all this, but just in case, I'd like to offer some different perspective.

This information sounds like it was either channeled or received in a dream. Unfortunately, all the entities people are channeling are not who they claim to be. These messages are in fact from the archons/demiurge/reptilians/parasites or whatever you prefer to call them. Yes, being the manipulative and deceptive creatures that they are, they are actually playing both sides of the spiritual war between good and evil. Another comment was calling this the false light, and I agree. The archons use this false light/dark duality in order to hinder the advancement of people who are spiritually inclined. That means the galactic federation that is fighting the cabal is nothing more than a lie from our captors. There are telltale signs of this in your post which I will now point out:

Messages received from entity channeling were mentioning the date December 21, 2020. Many thought that the ascension would occur this day. This date was actually the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, which would be an important day for the occult and the dark entities. Anything involving Saturn is related to the parasitic entities, and I believe they have claimed that the GF is actually stationed on Saturn. Saturn has historically been associated with dark/negative energy.

The ascension/5th dimension is another lie of the archons, as well as unified consciousness/illusion of separation.

You know, I might just go ahead and make a post of my own at this point. All the best, comrade



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