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Minors being taught to question their own gender is no slippery-slope. People who think questioning one's own gender is an "age appropriate subject" are hopelessly beyond any slippery slope and plunging over the cliff. They have lost their sanity and they don't even know it. They have already crossed many, many unrecognized moral slippery slopes.

There are only males and females. There are no other genders.

No matter how old anyone is, that fact remains an absolute fact.

There is no such thing as any "human right" that defies actual reality.

I remember the blue-laws, and everything being closed on Sundays. I still remember when they got repealed, and all the grownups being upset that the corner grocery store now opened up on Sundays. I seem to remember that the beer-gardens led the charge for opening up on Sunday. Where people went to drink and get drunk.
And, you may remember too, the "freedom of speech" lawsuits to stop censorship of sexually explicit material filed by big time pornographers such as Hugh Hefner and Larry Flint. They won, in American courts.

Imagine that.

And the once hidden multi-billion dollar Masturbation Industry came right out in the open and took off like a rocket. Many big-time Marxocrat Party officials, including even Presidents like Jiminy Carter, took great pleasure in doing "interviews" with Hugh Hefner that would grace the pages of Playboy magazine, in between all the pictures of naked women.
Today Disney cartoons encourage sexual identity dysphoria in little children, open homosexuality takes to the streets in giant "pride" parades and demonstrations and wild looking and acting drag queens have virtually taken over the whole American public library system.

None of this is just happening; none of it is just "evolving".

It is part of an evil Marxist Cultural-Revolution drive to transform order into disorder, natural into unnatural and calmness into chaos. And, most importantly, moral into immoral.



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