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Kids should be put in cages.
A couple of days ago I took a trip to the zoo for my birthday! I absolutely love the zoo! But if there is one thing I can't stand is when people taunt the animals, but of course as we all know "Kids will be kids!" (read as "assholes will be assholes!").

Anyways, as I was walking through the catwalk there was one little asshole little girl who was worse than the rest. She sat next to the cougar cage growling and hissing and making stupid cat noises at the cougar who looked like she had just about had enough of everyone's shit. The little girl made one more growling noise and the cat looked like she wanted to devour the little crotch demon, and oh how I wish she would have :/ The little girl got scared and ran off to her mommy. What the fuck did she expect? little cunt.

Kids should be put in cages, not animals.



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