Lauren Witzke , @AxiumGreenWallace3 & @TheOrdinaryAmerican #wingnut

(Lauren Witzke)
America has zero moral authority to criticize the choices of another nation’s leader.

There aren’t hundreds of photos of Putin sniffing little children while his son smokes crack and gets blown by every sex slave in Ukraine while mentally-ill trannies in his administration openly work to normalize pedophilia and sex with dogs.

The Biden Administration has literally made America a global embarrassment.

@LaurenWitzkeDE No Russian ever called me a racist for no fucking reason other than I'm White.
No Russian ever tried to force me to choose between a vaccine with less than 3/10ths of 1% mortality or lose my damn job.
No Russian ever tried to get my son to cut off his dick, dress like a girl and suck cock.
No Russian ever tried to convert my daughter into a slut dyke feminist with blue hair.
No Russian ever stole a damn election in plain view and called me a conspiracy theorist for questioning it.
No Russian ever mocked my Christian faith.
No Russian ever tried to get my kids to hate me, their heritage, and their faith.
No Russian ever tried to flood my nation with a bunch of black and brown immigrants when my own people had trouble making a decent wage.
No Russian ever voted to allow American companies to ship American jobs to Mexico, India, and China

@LaurenWitzkeDE Breaking: Rumor is US officials look to draft the unvaccinated as Ukraine war begins....says the vaccinated are to weak to fight due to compromise immune systems, worry about soldiers falling out from blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, and more aliments...



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