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[From "@MannyAndBo - Niggers make it too easy"]



We've reached the point in conservative discourse where a childhood nickname is enough to justify an unarmed 13 y/o being gunned down by a cop

Conservatives desperately trying to find something im a black person’s history to justify their death

Almost every nigger whose death is protested by retards like Justin has a history that at the very least explains, and more often than not justifies their death
George "Gorilla" Floyd? I celebrate almost every day that this violent nigger met a violent end and decry that the hero who removed this piece of trash from the planet isn't awarded with a medal and every woman on the planet as a sex slave

Trayvon Martin? Another violent nigger who met a violent end and I won't lose a moment of sleep over it
Justin and Roosh Vaush are upset that people dare ask the question of why violent nigger spic was killed. The answer? He was a [url=https://www.reuters.com/world/us/chicagoans-plan-rally-13-year-old-boy-killed-by-policeman-2021-04-16/violent armed criminal with a gun who made an aggressive move as he apparently dropped his gun ironically[/url][…]Why did this 13 year old punk have a gun[…]He was trying to murder somebody with it minutes earlier



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