OnlyTheGhosts #conspiracy

GMOs are an experiment being carried out by unscrupulous, greedy, sociopathic lunatics who irresponsibly endanger the entire ecology. Animals experience birth defects, intestinal problems and sterility. What they do to people is being denied by the maniacs who fund and profit from the production of GMOs, and there has been a long campaign to silence all research that shows how insanely risky these products are to human health.

At least 38 nations, including Russia, Italy, Venezuela, Scotland and Austria have banned them.

If you love GMOs, then you are very sadly either ignorant or part of the problem.

Since there are paid trolls on this site who would flock to defend their corporate interests, bad luck you lying little shills, I'm not going to provide you with a platform to waste my time upon. The stuff is pure poison and harmful to human life. It should be banned worldwide.



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