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(from a thread titled ‘Fossil Discovery Proves Humans and Niggers Not Related’)

Apidima 1 and Apidima 2: Two 210,000-year-old (Almost) Human skulls found in Southern Greece

"The Apidima 1 skull, belonging to a male, and Apidima 2 skull, belonging to a female, were found lying vertically against the wall, on the same sedimentary layer, side by side and 15 cm away from each other. The anatomical study of these skulls, dated by the U/Th method between 220 and 130,000 years ago, shows that they can be attributed to the same group of hominins found throughout Europe and that they present a combination of "Neanderthal" and modern (Sapiens) human features."


Why is this discovery so significant?

Here's the answer. Ever since the discovery of the so-called "neanderthal" skulls throughout Europe, and in some parts of Western Asia (Anatolia (the land of ancient Greeks) and Caucasia), there have been a small group of anthropologists who vehemently opposed Libtards' "Out of Africa" myth. They argued that the fossil record suggest that Europe's "Neanderethals" were direct ancestors of modern Humans (Homo Sapiens) and further argued that the libtard delusion/propaganda of "Neanderthals" going extinct and being replaced by invading Apefricoons is just a massive, politically-motivated lie.

Now these 2 male and female skulls, which have a combination of "Neanderthal" and emerging modern Human (Homo Sapiens) features, conclusively prove that humans are descended from those "Neanderthals" who lived, throughout Europe, hundreds of thousands years ago and that as (we, Chimpmaniacs, already know) Humans and Niggers are not related or descended from the same ancestors.



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