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Dewan writes for CNN:

"Western leaders and security agencies are spending huge amounts of resources on getting into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s head. It’s a futile exercise — at times when the West has thought Russia’s war in Ukraine might be losing steam, Putin has doubled down, sending his forces to bomb maternity hospitals and shelters harboring children."

(Both of those were confirmed hoaxes by the time she wrote this, by the way. For anyone keeping track.)

"Now, an apparent pause in the advancement of Russian troops has the West guessing: Has Russia’s war effort stalled? Or is it a tactical regrouping?"

(There is no mystery there – Putin is working on unilaterally establishing civilian evacuation corridors. This is public information. Putin has stated it plainly, as has Lavrov, and there are all kinds of videos of it. But it doesn’t fit with “hospital bombers,” so it has to remain a mystery on CNN.)

Firstly, any representative of the American empire talking about “banning protests” is a joke person. Organized political dissent in America has been de facto banned since Charlottesville and was outright banned under virus law.

Secondly, Russians are not against the war and not against Putin, other than a few homos and women, which is why you have protests that only one person shows up to. Russia has dealt with large protests before, where there were too many people to arrest. That isn’t happening now.

This is what’s actually happening in Russia:



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