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Not to mention the fact that this country, at it's greatest, before evolution reared it's ugly little head, was one of the most literate, best educated, most powerful countries in the world. The percentage of atheists was very minimal, we had God in our courts, our schools, and our homes. The introduction of atheism and evolution has dropped us down in every area, most certainly in education, with young people graduating from high school who can't even fill out an employment form properly, including being unable to even spell the name of their school correctly!! You have to be literate to read the bible, and it helps if you know math also! Not to mention that it influences people to learn other languages--backwards my foot!

You can not read the letters written by the founding fathers, and the following presidents without knowing that they were Christians and had no trouble with displaying their love of God even in Congress--always opened with prayer.

It's been the evolutionists that have brought this country down, esp in education. Children are being raised without regard for human life, without
God having created us, and dying to save us, they have nothing to hold unto, nothing to respect, nothing to lift them up above their poverty and no reason why they shouldn't just stay home and collect welfare money--The work ethic is not taught, nor care for others. Self is the god listened to now, and no reason to think of others as priceless treasures and and loved as such by a loving God and deserving of their dignity.--after all, who cares? We're just a bunch of animals anyway, might as well act like them. In fact, worse then animals--animals do not normally beat, abuse, and even kill their children--when they do kill them, it's because the offspring have abnormalities which the mothers know will keep them from being able to fend for themselves.

I have no doubt you will disagree with everything I've said, and I don't care-- We are the beloved children of the Most High God, and we will be inheriting all He has created for us---Sorry to hear your uncle is an ape, they can't give you much to be proud of, nor leave you anything but poop--enjoy.



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