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Okay, guys, listen: I know that this whole Wiki will likely be taken down in a few days, along with its Fresh counterpart. But, before RWW and FWW die, I should say that I wanted to write this article in the first place because it's not just about me. My friends have been targeted by the site as well. If I alone were being targeted, I would have called the FBI. Which I have done with no response because you know how slow the U.S. government can be.

I knew full well that this article would risk coming under scrutiny for bias (come to think of it, there's at least little bias everywhere on Wikis that deal with "greatest/fresh" and "worst/terrible/rotten" media subjects), so I added the Redeeming Qualities section because I don't necessarily believe the site to be pure evil. It's merely lost its way over time, as many KiwiFarms users who formerly used the site have said. Perhaps that first header should say: "Why It Sucks Now?"

The truth is, while I tried to reason with FSTDT so they'll leave me alone, I learned that their true intent for becoming my "friends" was to fuel me with their ideology--something regular user Skide later admitted to one of my true friends, too. So, the way I see it, it needs to be either restored to its original mission (i.e., going after only extremists, not moderates like me) or closed down for all time.

I simply need moral/psychological support as well as people to help me contribute more regularly to the article for the short time that this Wiki may continue to exist. I've done 90% of the work and 100% of the source citations. I've expected you guys to do you fair share, too, and I'm saddened that not one of you has in two years.



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