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Hmm, I knew had SSA before middle school. I went a Catholic school from 3rd-8th grade, and homosexuality was brought up once in a Catholic sex-Ed lesson, that I actually missed that day. It was in 6th or 7th grade. The series was form the 80s and was called “In God’s image”
Either way, it’s not the Schools place to affirm one’s sexual feelings, attractions or actions. People go to school for an education, not to be indoctrinated into a leftist view of sexuality. The fact that the far-left and the radical LGBT activists want to expose young children to their lifestyle is deeply disturbing. I mean, the LGBT activists have tried their hardest to end the notion that LGBT adults recruit children, which I have personal experience with when I went to a church that was a MCC Church. At that time I was only 14-15 and I was sexually accosted.

The topic of homosexuality and transgenderism shouldn’t be brought up until high school.

This is the last reply I’m giving you. You blasphemous “joke” of the most Holy Trinity was unacceptable. Once again, you will be in my prayers.



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