Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut #transphobia

( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene )
Joe Biden thinks it’s wrong to stop the profit driven medical industry from cutting breasts off 15 year old girls and castrating teen boys before they are old enough to legally get a tattoo or vote.

Democrats are the party of child abuse.

Democrats ( MARXISTS ) are the Party of Pure Satanical Evilness .

( @AcidBrainWash )

( @Katland )
@repmtg . . . Democrats don't have "morals", they also lack integrity, honor & have absolutely NO respect for humanity or life itself.

I can't imagine people actually "voting" for a political party whose main goals are:

* Killing babies.
* Mutilating children's genitals.
* Chemically castrating children.
* Legalizing child rape/torture (pedophilia).
* Sexually grooming children.
* Transgender as normal vs mental illness.
* Revoking parental rights to "force" ALL of the above on EVERY CHILD in the USA.

Oh yeah, I forgot . . . NO one "votes" for Dems, that's why they CHEAT!

( @yourvampire )
@repmtg thinking he's a "president" is wrong.
he's an incestuous, pedophile, crook and a career liar who's party forced to act as president, because he's the dirtiest politician in DC. he's the sacrificial lamb, to take all the blame for obama's hijacking of the USA. it was that or execution.

( @realGoetzVonBerlichingen )

( @SandraLoftis )
@repmtg unbelievable

( @wait4me )
@SandraLoftis @repmtg I am 42, have 4 kids, want to have hysterectomy because I am tired of the constant monthly pain. And I cannot get it done. I guess I need to tell the doctors, that I decided to be a father instead of being my kid's Mom.



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