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[Blackpill] I am shocked that "The Last Samurai" is not being discussed more often, its racepill the movie

TLDR plot:
-white guy goes to SEA to train soldiers
-gets captured by the samurai but not before killing one of their top dogs
-as a prisoner they train him to become one of them
-the wife of the guy he killed falls in love with him and they fuck
-rides off to battle against his former comrades
-every gook gets killed except him and he gets pardoned because hes white

What an aboslute joke of a movie but it portrays 100% accurately how it is to be white IRL

”the wife of the guy he killed falls in love with him and they fuck”

this is realistic.
french women did the same during WW2, their men died trying to protect their country and weeks later these girls started fucking the invaders.
"loyality" is a non-existent concept for them.

Its kind of related but still a bit different

For example he isnt powerful in the movie, hes a prisoner who gets beat and thrown around and smells bad yet the noodle still fucks him because hes white



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