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And just when you thought it was over...

The devil is sometimes allowed to attack. But he's not allowed to win - so long as we stay in faith and keep our eyes on Jesus Christ. He can slow us down a bit, but he cannot stop us. He can hinder but he cannot defeat us.

This has been an unprecedented time of spiritual warfare and attack in my life personally, and in the lives of those who help me with Eden Decoded that has lasted for more than a year now.

We've been attacked by witches, satanists, covens, occultists, black people, white people, Hispanic people, BGLO's, newspapers, websites, the Huffington Post, political writers, secular music artists, misguided ministers, psuedo-prophets and prophetesses, fake Christians, social media giants like Facebook and Twitter: the list goes on.

When you fight against the devil and demons, please expect them to fight back!

I learned this lesson from my own father, watching him cast demons out of people ever since I was a young boy. Then I watched days and weeks later as he went through all types of hellfire and warfare in his business, finances and his own personal life.

This IS war! And too often Christians forget that we don't get saved to go on spiritual picnics or sabbaticals. We get saved to disavow our citizenship in Satan's kingdom, and to become permanent members of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

When we said yes to Jesus we said 'later' to the devil! When we became friends of the cross we become instant enemies of the powers of darkness that were defeated by the cross.

Though this warfare has been intense, the support of those sent by God to stand with us in this hour has equally been unprecedented.

Thank you to all who heard our request for help, and who gave to get Eden Decoded back up and running again! We're baaaack!

And to those who gloated, sent us nasty celebratory emails reveling in our site being down and offline - better get a refund on that victory dance because we're up and running again with full steam ahead! ??

Thanks again to everyone who gave. You will never know how much you've helped. Only God truly knows: therefore what you did in secret I pray that God rewards you for openly, in the way and manner that He sees fit. God bless you immensely.

Now back to churning out these books and articles!



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