Mark Bradshaw #fundie

“I doubt that VERY much. No one who rapes or murders ever says they were justified by their own moral code” ----- Really? You know the hearts and minds of EVERYONE? Perhaps you didn’t know that Islam allows for rape and murder. That is THEIR moral code, and according to you, those are acceptable morals since each person determines their own morals.

“The fallacy is all yours in assuming we need a common moral code.” ----- Without a common, universal, moral code, each individual determines what is moral – this is your argument. You have NO authority to say that another’s moral code (whatever that entails) is wrong. You have NO authority to assert that your moral code is right/good/moral any more than one whose moral code condones rape and murder can claim theirs is right/good/moral.

“Yes. Just like everyone else on earth. I don’t have to use your moral code, it is worthless to me.” ----- And YOUR moral code is worthless to others that don’t hold the same moral values (ones whose morals condone rape and murder). Whpo are you to assert that YOUR morals are correct and theirs is not?

“You struggle with the idea that people have moral codes as individual as they are.” ----- Not at all. I understand that people, like you, create their own moral code – and justify all kinds of evil and horrible acts. The problem is that you cannot see the fallacy in your own position. You cannot see that your position is illogical. You call other people’s morals wrong, yet cannot show why yours are right and theirs are wrong.

“If a person’s individual morals put others in harm, those people will be removed from society.” ----- Why is harm wrong? If you say “The Golden Rule”, then why is the Golden Rule morally correct?



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