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JFL Foid can't even save her 3 year old kid from drowning in a little canal.

Are foids completely useless? JFL imagine your kid is drowning and you """freak out""" and can't even save him and let the poor guy drown, you think if it was a man the kid would be alive? I think so.​


Three-year-old child dies after falling into canal with his mum in Berkshire​

Foids can't save their child from small canal, yet yesterday I saved my 7 month cat climbing a 20m tree. Yeah, sympathetic gender ngl

She probably killed the kid because he was getting in her way of riding dicks. As it the UK she willl face no punishment of course.

Foids would proudly kill their offspring so that they can fuck an infinite amount of chads without being prevented from doing so. Why do you think that women celebrate en masse ( like in large crowds) when abortion is legalized in their country? Go on reddit, go to the r/childfree or r/prochoice subreddit, and look up the term “abortion”. You would see women celebrating the fact that they killed their own offspring in order to have more time to fuck more chads without any regret or realization of how fucked up they are.

She suffered an "accident" just to kill the child. That pretty much is obvious. I saw some women fighting each other, defending their cellphone one time, they tore each other to pieces but always kept the cellphone protected. If she really wanted to save her child from harm, not even a frozen lake 1km deep would stop her. She killed the child so that she could be "free to whore herself", disgusting and inhuman.



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