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RE: What's the darkest rabbit hole you've dived into?

DXM cults underground secretly funded by the American government. You won't find this anywhere else on the internet, however there have existed over the years since the late 2000s to early 2010s a series of cults that have used DXM to participate in rituals, especially since DXM also has the uncanny ability to link people into shared trips even when they're miles apart.

These cults have existed in mostly obscure Skype chatrooms since the late 2000s/early 2010s, however most of them have died out due to lack of membership, as they have been extraordinarily paranoid at keeping their rituals a secret. If they do still exist they likely use some chat platform that's not easily traceable, so 99% likely not Discord.

The American Government supports most of these cults because their goals are in line directly with the elite's goals. Any people who attempt to use DXM occultic magic for good are immediately snuffed out by the American government. This is EXACTLY why DXM is kept legal despite there being many viable alternatives that don't perform the dissociative-partially psychedelic actions that make DXM so special.

Archive this post ASAP just in case it gets deleted. Screencap, whatever it is you need to do. This isn't just a drug but a gateway.

The more people know about this the more likely there is to be someone who has seen something of this magnitude out there that can report their experiences. Although doubtful, since the number of people who participated in these cults might not even number in the triple digits.



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