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RE: HALO EFFECT - Victimized employees are seen as bullies despite exemplary performance, actual bullies get a pass

No different than in school. People will try to rationalize a weak male that gets bullied but doesn't adequately "stand up" to the bullying as deserving of the bullying or accuse the bullied male of putting on a show for sympathy.

Yeah one of the biggest bluepill told to kids and teens is that people "grow up" and that life after school is different. Jfl people are the exact same after high school, the only thing that changes is the setting. And yeah feminists always bitch about "victim blaming" yet they never apply this to bullying

Me and other non NT ugly dudes got treated like shit while Normies soaked up praise despite not doing anything. It's damaging to be young and believe that you're worse than others, when it's usually the other way around.

I've read so many stories over the years. Low status men would do a lot of work yet any small mistake would be blown out of proportion. Meanwhile the popular people at the office can do major fuck ups and get a slap on the wrist.

In this life first impressions are everythinf. Your brain tries to find the shortest routes for assesing people, and something like the face is perfect. It's wo fucking brutal, man. These people take ONE look at you and fucking assume your entire life story jfl. But it's not like they're wrong when they see me and think 'KHHV' though

It was all gaslighting. These people drive ugly low status men crazy. They make them believe that everything they do is wrong, that they have an endless amount of work to do to be on the same level as some lazy normie who does nothing but act impulsively It's sad that some people will never realize that they were subject to gaslighting all their life



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