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"How a Decade of Democratic Delusions Failed Women on Abortion

"From Obama and the ACA to modern gender ideology, Democrats have repeatedly sold out women to the highest bidder"

"So it is with feminists and the left, and what looks to be a SCOTUS decision overturning Roe v. Wade and Casey. I’m sure others are preparing state by state maps about where it will still be possible to get an abortion and how much it will cost a woman in rural Texas, say, to get to the nearest clinic. I mainly want to assist with removing a few delusions some feminists may still harbor about how we got here."


There's no executive order coming to save women. No Inauguration Night proclamation to deliver women the decades of empty promises. The first order of business for Biden was enshrining men's ability to get an erection while publicly displaying their fetish.

The misogynists on the left will never save women from the sexists on the right.



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