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Redditor gets cucked by foid at party and believes it was sexual assault

My(20M) girlfriend(21) went to a massive New Year’s Eve party after I begged her not to and got sexually assaulted. I want to help her but I don’t know if I should or how.

Beta cuck begs his foid not to go to this party because of corona and because there are "a bunch of frat boys who already have a handful of girls that have allegations against them" there JUST FUCKING LOL. Foid calls him at 2am while drunk crying. She claims she was sexually assaulted by the frat boy, cuck obviously believes it, but gets mad that she went. Now the foid is angry at him.

He's OBLIVIOUS to the fact that she obviously got wasted, did things with the Chad, and is now regretting it in case cuck finds out. These stories are such obvious bullshit because you would NEVER, especially in 2020 have some guy go up to a girl and "force his hand down her pants". IN PUBLIC, AT A PARTY. That shit just doesn't fucking happen, the man would be ostracized even in a fratboy party setting.

"I feel really bad that this happened", he says, after his girlfriend got drunk as fuck and had sex with a frat guy at a party that he begged her not to go to what the fuck is wrong with modern men jfl

The thing I can't get over is how he actually knew the party would be full of frat boys JFL. Not only that, she knew that he didn't want her to go, yet she chose to go anyway. Is this guy fucking blind or something? She chooses to go to the party despite this guy begging her not to, he knows it's going to be full of Chads and alcohol, like, what the FUCK does he think happened? He ACTUALLY believes her bullshit story lmfao!



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