Various Incels #racist #sexist

(Total Imbecile)

I think you're quite retarded to be quite honest... All Slavs I know are slayers (Yes, an anecdote, same as the gibberish you spout).

Yes and IT knows 4' 11'' indian janitors who get laid more than Brad Pitt, therefore the blackpill is nonsense

Why would a slav who lives in Eastern Europe care about the slavpill? His competition is other slavs, Eastern Europe is almost completely homogeneous. I can understand the slavpill for slavs who live in Western Europe though. Similar to how it doesn't make sense to blame the currypill when you live in India among other currycels.

Thanks to dating apps the entire world is competing with LA and NYC Why would some third world girl settle for you when Jake Paul can fly her to his Beverly Hills house and fuck her

All except “I’m from poor Slavic country”. At least doesn’t have it nearly as bad as rest of Eastern Europe money-wise. But everything else checks out. Slavic genes are simply subhuman. Balding at young age, weird ugly faces (gift from mongol invasion). This combined with the fact that girls are really pretty here is pure suifuel. Oh and any foreigner has it 100x times easier than your average polack, bonus point if his skin is dark.

The slav pill is extremly brutal for me because I am part asian. I use to cope with the fact that I was "white" but slavs can be much whiter than I am yet struggle to get laid so its double over for me.



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