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Im transgender, but I avoid female friendship.

I have a long story of chasing away left-leaning women trying to be "friends". The way they try to assert superiority over you throwing themselves into a virtuous posture (while trying to leech anything they can from you) absolutely disgusts me.

I never enjoyed left-leaning men for the same reasons, but at least they cant get away with most things women do, specially when trying to get sexual favours, if any men did what so many feminist women said and tried to do to me, they would be arrested or lynched.

But its not just the harrassment, the narcisistic tendecies of the average women seem over the roof. I constantly got disappointed by how the same people who claim to be so emotionally aware can also get away with being completly terrible.

A friend of mine (which is also transgender, let's call her "A") used to have a feminist girlfriend (let's call her "B") that was 100% silent about radical feminists attacking "A". "B" just started to fight back when the same radfems LIGHTLY criticized her about she going out with a prostitute (something she boosted about, because she wanted to look so edgy and empowered, but it backfired because it looked like she was exploiting another woman, but they didnt even gave her an actual hard time for it).

Im tired of seeing shit like that daily, in different contexts and listening that this is "anetodical". Im sick of being suffocated as if I had to pledge alliance to a group that doesnt deserve it, otherwise I wont be allowed to have a voice and will always be persecuted (and for the last ten years, I am! (I am 27 btw)).

This all because I dont want to give free praise to a group of people that mutilate their male sons out of convenience (circumcision).

I think it's very difficult sometimes not to lump all women in with feminists or "relationships". I think women are cool, and I value the friendships I have with women. However, the romantic / sexual relationship model is horrible, gynocentric and best avoided at all costs. It is this, and not women themselves that I can't stand. Feminism is a supremacy movement. Not at all different from the KKK or the Nazi. Doesn't "the future is female" sound a bit like "manifest destiny" to you? But I like women. I also recognize that a lot of white people died in the civil war to free the slaves, and a lot of Europeans ended up marrying native Americans. Likewise, there are a lot of cool women who really do recognize the nature of feminism and the way sex is used to control men.

But the traits that I quoted are encountered even in women that arent feminists. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, I dont like them. When there is one I am willing to interact with is, it is usually despite their gender.

Feminists when listening to an anecdote that agrees with them: "Lived experience is the only evidence anyone should need."

Feminists when listening to an anecdote they don't like: "Not a real feminist."

Is it even anectodical if the same experience repeats itselft in different enviorments and different people as a rule?



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