Colvin76 #sexist #crackpot

Don't have perfect genes? Sorry buddy boyo but all women hate you. It's GigaChad or nothing in 2020.

- Tall height, Usually at least 190cm
- White features (eyes, skin, skull shape, hair etc)
- Good Frame
- Large penis. Usually at least 17.8cm in length and 14cm in girth
- Nero typical
- NW0 hair with low hairline.
- Deep voice

(Colour text = FACE)

Good facial structure. Examples of this are:

Hunter eyes,
Positive canthal tilt,
wide & high set Zygos,
Good angular mandible or lower third,
Big chin,
Forward maxilla growth,
Good brow ridge,
good Facial width to height ratio (fWHR),
good teeth,
short Philtrum , etc

If you don't have most of these traits, ALL WOMEN HATE YOU AND WANT YOU DEAD. Women hate anything less than a GigaChad. This should be common sense by now.



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