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The Third World War would be horrific but not a total nuclear war. The Chinese would be the first to make use of their nuclear arsenal. The Year the war starts there would be a mild winter and a good harvest for Europe. The wheat will still be able to be harvested but not the oats. The Russian attack would happen without anybody expecting it and they would advance really quickly. Here they would be stopped by a military force with weapons that no other state owns (The so-called Imperial Germans). During the war a powerful leader will emerge. It is the webmaster’s belief that this is the so-called Jesus Christ figure, Vishnu Kalki, Third Sargon, Messiah or Avenger. According to the Sajahan Prophecies the Third Sargon or Jesus Christ would emerge from the Land of the Midnight Mountain or Germany. This leader would lead the defense forces against the Russians and pass Judgment on all Mankind.
Most countries in the world revert to the natural way of ruling, Monarchy. Germany would get a New Kaiser and become a new Kaiser Reich. All former German territories would be returned to Germany. Even Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Switzerland and even Italy will join the New German Kaiser Reich. Poland will get a king. Russia will get a new Tsar. Once the Zionist Jews are removed from power globally the natural nobility will take up rulership in these countries. The 1000-year Golden Age will then begin. We will no longer need weapons of mass destruction because war will be a thing of the past. The Zionist will no longer instigate wars, famines or revolutions. The world will know peace for the first time since this war began thousands of years ago.



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