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RE: Justice Department Sues Yale over ‘Discrimination Against White and Asian American Applicants’

The left has a hard time explaining systemic and institutional racism in light of the success of Asians, especially East Asians, which a lot of time is greater than that of whites. The so called racist criminal justice system incarcerates more whites than Asians, even when you adjust for percentages. Why do Asians always tend to succeed in racist, white supremacist countries like the United States or Canada or Australia etc? What sets them apart from black and Hispanic people??

Bottom line - IQ comparable to whites, and an excellent competitive work ethic. Notice I said "comparable" - I don't buy into their superiority in this area. Competitive work ethic is probably the key. This is where some whites currently get lazy.

IQ isn't the end all, be all. I think it could be possible that East Asians have a slightly higher IQ, but they lack in other mental traits. The Asian brain is more like a specialist in one area, IQ, whereas the European brain is a jack of all trades. The human brain has a limited source of energy, so if it puts too much in one thing, it doesn't leave enough for the other.

So let's say that East Asians have a slightly higher IQ, they lack the creativity and innovative thinking of the European brain. That's why most innovations and new ideas come out of the West.

They haven't had a hard time. They just pull out the phrase "white adjacent." Remember, Asians are basically white people, until a white person makes a ching chong Covid joke, then they go back to being oppressed minorities again.

In this debate, Tariq Nasheed called Asians "honorary white people"



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