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Bill: So they are happy to kill off all the vaccinated. But why do they want the unvaccinated trapped and kept alive so bad?

Gideon: “We think it’s an order that has come from the other side.”

Bill: What other side?

Gideon: “The afterlife. The astral plane.”

Bill: Ok, I need a moment. The astral plane. An order from the astral plane?

Gideon: “Yes. Because a war is being fought in the spiritual realm, but that war has a boundary. It cannot pass into our realm.”

Bill: A war, ok. Well, can you explain the astral plane to me first.

Gideon: “It’s much like our world, but ephemeral. The laws of physics are different. More like a dreamworld, but oppressive, dirty and dark."

Bill: I have a thousand questions, but I’m going to just accept that for now, the astral plane. Ok, the astral plane has a war going on, and they need unvaccinated people trapped in this Earthly plane. Why?

Gideon: “Because if they keep unvaccinated souls trapped here, it means they starve the army of the righteous on the other side. It means the war going on there will be won by the cabal, because no new souls will join the Creator to fight them.”

Bill: That is a lot to take in. But wait, they just killed Billions, who now passed over to the afterlife. The afterlife must be full of new people!

Gideon: “It is! But think of who they killed, Bill. Who? The sheep. So the cabal’s numbers on the other side have been greatly bolstered, while the army of the righteous will be starved, because none of the unvaccinated will pass on.”

Bill: Ok, ok, I get it. Oh, my God this is insane. I always wondered why they would want to kill off their own sheep! Now we know why, or at least, this is what you’re saying is why.

Gideon: “They don’t need those sheep here anymore, they need them in the afterlife.”

Bill: The Guardians were not kidding when they said the most evil plan of all time. There’s nothing more diabolical than this.



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