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[Serious] There is a difference between American colleges and European colleges

(By "American" I also include Canadian and Australian colleges.)

I see many posts here talking about how it's cucked that fathers pay for their daughters to go to college and how they get fucked by dozens of men. I think education is important for anyone regardless of gender, but I digress. While the cock carousel college experience definitely applies to American colleges, in Europe it's completely different. The cost of going to college here is cheap, the students mostly live at home unless they move out but this is a minority. The holes here don't jump from cock to cock, they usually go for relationships. Aside from that, most parents don't care about what their daughters do, it's only ethnic parents that care the most. They tend to be Islamic, but the only difference is that they don't know their daughters (sons, too) sneak off to different cities with their illegitimate boyfriends (or girlfriends) so they can do whatever it is that degenerate people do. I do feel bad for those parents. Obviously, not everyone does that but the majority does. Here is a story that's related to what I wrote earlier: Some Islamic female got run over by a truck after having partied at a night club.. in a totally different city from where she lived. So that nobody would recognize her. And, now nobody recognizes a face that's been splattered by a truck, either. She got what she wanted, I guess. I have no sympathy for her. Although I do feel bad for her parents.



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