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Sweden: White Art Gets Woked

The scary thing about Cultural Marxism is: it has no brakes. Soon, everything even remotely White will be banished from society. Cultural Marxism seeks to end White culture. To the Marxist, White culture is “evil” and “oppressive” and “sexist.” (You want to see sexism? Go to Mexico. The Mexicans are much more sexist than Whites. They are also cruel to animals, and more violent. So why don’t the Marxists ever bitch about Mexico’s culture? Answer: because it isn’t White!). Interestingly, the Scandinavians are prone to egalitarian thinking. How ironic: the “Whitest of White people” are the most PC!

Backlash as Swedish National Museum slaps racism and sexism warnings on CLASSIC ART

White people make the best art and they're jealous.

Show me a non-white artist that can create something even close to those exhibits.

Marxists seek to tear down everything that makes anyone feel inferior. If you get an inferiority complex from seeing great art, I would guess you're offended and we can't have that.



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