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[SuicideFuel] If you are an Arab in the 21st century, you are living in the worst time (Sandcels GTFIH)

Just imagine not only you are born around the time of peak matriarchy, but you have to be also born in the peak of the Arabic cultural regression. Most of us were born too late to experience the Nasser era, and we couldn’t even live in the medieval times when our people were based. We do not live in our old cultural apex when we were scientists instead of thugs.

Instead, half of our countries are bombed to ground. Our people are generally hated everywhere. Every nationalist group hates us like Stormfronts, Hindu Nationalists, Black Nationalists, Oriental Nationalists all want us dead. Arab nationalism is dead and the Zoinists try their best to make sure it stays dead. MRAs, MGTOWs, Alt right, Hinduvatas, CCP loyalists, Black Panthers all want us dead and conquered. The only nationalist groups that are ok with us are the Pan - Latin ones and they probably don’t really care about Arabs.

Every newspaper and media always potray us as the enemy constantly. We are always cast out from others, people in general don’t like us. Thug culture is rampant in our communities because the elite want us to be degenerates. We are always considered rapists everywhere when none of
us are even remotely harmful people.

Our women have done nothing but betray us and welcome the invader with open legs. Our women say very hateful things about us (Look at @Tehgymethnicel ‘s video on Arab women) and wish we were dead. They have seen us as inferior and are willing to date out away from us.

At least Asians and Curries are smart and progressing good in their countries. At least whites have tech and stable nations. Blacks are portrayed very positively in the media and are generally cool people. At least Latinos are seen as hard workers and cool people as well. What do Arabs, fucking nothing but unstable nations, regimes ruled by the elite, no technology, no good media, thug culture is ramapant and infrastructure is destroyed.

Any Arabcels also feel this way?



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