Silence DoGood #fundie #wingnut

Typical soy-boy Democrat male. Brainwashed by the media, tech companies, and schools. Likely has heavy porn and drug usage. Both of these are necessary to keep the brain in a stupor. Male Democrats are heavily into these two practices, and/or are heavily promiscuous.

The left controls the internet security, but it would be nice to pull up his internet search history. The vast majority of Democrat men are into some very interesting things online. This needs to be done with mass shooters as well, since the vast majority happen to be Democrat males. Nearly every Democrat male mass shooter is into porn. No coincidence internet porn was introduced in 1993, for the first time in human history, and mass shootings in America have increased dramatically, rate-wise, since then. And we are just getting started. The mayhem internet porn causes in societies and on individuals is just now being discovered. It will get very ugly.

Of course, the tech titans are making billions off of porn and drug investments, so they really don't want us figuring out their dirty secrets. 'Where issss ze evidence' they will shriek, as they hide it.



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