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When politicians in civil government overrule the moral authority of their nation's Religious Majority, they make THEMSELVES the authorities of MORALITY as well as Legality. These politicians become, in effect, a civil, PRIESTHOOD, and make their GOVERNMENT the official RELIGION of the Land.
The California, Canadian and U.K. Governments are now dictating what is sexually moral by forcing the LGBTQ-S&M-(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer - Sado/masochism) AGENDA on SCHOOLS, Businesses and the Military. And with the expressed support for abortion by "Liberal" politicians these governments are ruling that MURDERING BABIES is NOT IMMORAL. It has done this in opposition to the RELIGIOUS MORALS of the Majority and their DEMOCRATIC VOTE. In this way these governments with the complicity of the Jewish dominated, Marxist, Main Stream Media have become tyrannical, anti-Christian, STATE/CHURCH, DICTATORSHIPS, just the opposite of democratic government with checks and balances and SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. This is a prominent part of the End Times Anti-Christ prophesied in the Bible, and right on time. And here we are in “1984”, NEW SPEAK where “Separation of Church and State” means THE STATE IS THE CHURCH ! - The Bible is, in deed, THE BOOK OF TRUTH !



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