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Gay stereotype #1: Hi, can we order a cake that says “Happy Homoversary to the world’s gayest couple who love cocks in the ass and mouth 24⁄7″?

Gay stereotype #2: That won’t be a problem, will it? Also shape it like a dick because we’re gay. Have you gleaned that we’re gay yet? We’re gay, problem?

Straight stereotype: Oh my goodness! Look, I’m sorry fellas, but this is a Christian bakery and making a cake like that goes against our beliefs. But there are plenty of bakeries in this area who I’m sury would be happy to—

Goes out of business, and is heavily vandalized with obscenities.


Meanwhile, at a different bakery…

Gay stereotype #1: Hey sweetie! We’d like to order a cake that says “Happy year and a day to a queer and a gay.”

Gay stereotype #2: Also can you cover the cake in little marzipan men fucking each other in the ass? Oh gosh, I hope you don’t mind that we’re a couple of fa—

Muslim stereotype: fuming with anger

Gay stereotype #1 and #2 are given black eyes and cut lips, and are kicked out of the Muslim bakery

Bystander #1: Yeah, well maybe you should have some respect for their beliefs.

Bystander #2: Wow guys! Intolerant much?

Gay stereotype #2: There’s a bowling pin in my ass…



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