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They're here! Time for those atheists to show us how much smarter they are than everybody else! Happy posting people!
Atheist Posting 101-
1) Always attack Christians because they aren't likely to hurt us like those scary Muslims.
2) Tell everyone how smart you are because well... we just are.
3) Use mocking language like "Sky Fairy".
4) Avoid questions about how come we never go after Islam because we know it is because we are progressives and they are a protected class.
5) Accuse Christians of ancient barbarism but avoid talking about the daily brutality of Islam. (See #4)
6) Use more mocking language.
7) Tell Christians they are dumb but never Muslims (See #1)
8) At some point during the discussion, tell them you are an atheist to show that you are clearly superior to all others on the link. (See #2)
9) Use more mocking language.
10) Dissemble when talking about history because there are way too many quotes from presidents throughout history calling for prayers, fasting, victory over enemies, and other requests for God's help.
11) Then use more mocking language.
12) Identify yourself as an atheist because you automatically earn extra IQ points by doing so. (See #2)
13) Use even more mocking language.



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