Moonman1488 & AnalAndro #wingnut #psycho #racist

RE: how do you feel about nuclear war?


Please let it happen, God I hate agecucks and kikes and degenerates in this world just fucking make it happen nuke them all

Yes maybe it will happen, in this case I already have a list of accelerationists and communists that I want to deal with myself. Because commies, just like the cockroaches they truly are, tend to find always a way to survive, so I am sure they will not be destroyed like I would like to happen. For example I need to deal with Toni Negri myself, because he's an accelerationist and an evilcommie that stays far away distant from actual conflicts, he brainwashed many young retards that think communism is highIQ and sent them to do his dirty work.

Then I think it's time for him to pay for the blood he shed, fucking dirty stinky commie.

hate agecucks

Yes I hate them too. In this world we cannot even fap to lolis without facing consequences, all done to protect the mental derangements of some of the stupidest beings of this planet. It's more than enough to wish for a nuclear disaster to happen.



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