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As each day goes by, and I see the hatred and vitriol increase...as well as watching the utter delusions of people........ I realize that society in general, has become pretty much the same as God recognized in the days of Noah, leading up to the destruction of the world by flood. God saw them and all of their evil, and said in His heart that He was sorry He created them. Imagine............

Well. I have a feeling that history has repeated itself, and once again, God is probably very sorry about the way His creation has turned out. The good news is, He will once again step into history, and make all things right again. I feel that it won't be too much longer before that happens, and he sets up His perfect kingdom here. I think satan knows this, too, and is working more than overtime to ensnare as many as possible to drag down to hell with himself.

I feel sorry for Trump. No matter what he says or what he does, they are going to condemn him...........he can't win. I don't understand the man or his twitters, but I pray that God will use him as he used Nebecednezar for His good purposes during these terrible times.



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