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The clear answer to the question in the title is yes, religious freedoms must lose
when gay "rights" wins. It's a zero sum game; there is no other alternative - it is
as simple as America, or homosexual "rights"; we cannot have both at the same
time. To our shame, we Americans did not take this existential threat seriously,
had no idea how powerful is the pervert lobby and only realized it after the radicals
took over and we began to lose our rights. The domino effect is in effect. The trickle
has become a flood. The gays won an inch and took a mile. That happened, folks,
not in North Korea, but in a nation FOUNDED for religious rights! In the shining city
on a hill. And if it could happen here, NO country on earth is safe.

Had someone told me just a few decades ago, that in a cynical ploy for votes, the
left would one day hitch its wagon to sexual per version, I would have laughed him
to scorn. I'm not laughing now.



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