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Note that Moorlockery, Social Justice, Postmodernism, Postrationalism, Self-Important Holier-Than-Thou Jabberwocky, Cultural Marxism, Coprophagy, or whatever you want to call this moral and mental disease that has corrupted our society not only destroys comic books (Female Thor, Negro Johnny Storm and Jimmy Olsen, Islamic Batman and Ms Marvel) and science fiction (If You Were an Ancillary Pronoun Wereseal, My Love) and politics (CNN, MSNBC) but indeed render the Morlock incapable of any work or act requiring even a modicum of honesty and integrity.

Likewise for George Carlin, Mort Sahl, the TV show All in the Family, and the likes of Janeane Garofalo and Dick Cavett – indeed, his favorite adjective at this point became “subversive,” and like most of his ilk he remained incredibly blind to the fact that he and those who think like him are now very much the establishment and that a true “subversive” nowadays is a Christian conservative. Even as they are closing down bakers for sticking to their Christian convictions, they imagine themselves “subverting” all that they hate.

Of course, you are clear on what they hate – the Church, America, all forms of public decency. Lenny Bruce is hailed as a hero for mocking all of these things and inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.

And on and on it went, and I felt tremendously badly about it, firstly because my wife had given me this as a gift, and it would be rude indeed to express distaste; but also because, without the left-wing poison, the book would actually be quite good, because when he didn’t indulge in lefty preaching, it was actually engaging and interesting. But he just couldn’t help himself. Political mockery of conservatives by liberals was shaming the powerful with the truth; but Dennis Miller’s conversion to conservatism after 9/11 was bigotry. Conservatives have a “pathological hatred” of Obama, but the pathological hatred heaped on George W. Bush was liberation. Shockingly, even Bob Hope was raked over the coals for daring to go to Vietnam and entertain troops that were facing death to protect self- indulgent drug addicts like Lenny Bruce or George Carlin.



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