NicholasMarks #fundie

There is enough evidence to prove that I'm right...especially by way of the hydrogen bombs and the nuclear bombs and all the other bombs of the two world wars...If they aren't earthquakes, in diverse places, I don't know what is...diverse here being places where they shouldn't happen.

As far as gravity is concerned, I'm afraid it is an unknown property until we realise the true nature of the universe. Gravity is an imploding force created by mass warping space and space can only be warped if there is a clash of two universal forces...and indeed there are...our dimension is one of those forces and the static dimension, made known to us in the Holy Bible, is the other. They run side by side except the static universe is a relic from before the big-bang whilst ours is travelling at the high speed of the expanding universe...hence all the scientific laws that are made known to us by our modern science becomes null and void when we accept there is a higher science, of which, Jesus Christ, is the only scientist of any worth.

What this all means then is that when someone makes a point which is difficult to understand then it is wise to do some research before shooting from the hip.



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