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As these Planetary Bodies densified (and before the structuring of human life on earth), these others
became habitable for Conscious Life. <...> The Ones that our ancient wisdoms teach us as “The Shining Ones” or
“The Lords of Fire” are one in the same. Yet we can better comprehend them as The Holy Beings from the
Plane of Holy.

Due to the social enturbulations on The Plane of Holy, it was decided to separate those that were in a
consistent struggle for what they considered equality. They were given the opportunity to assist in the
manifesting of The Source of Consciousness that was deemed to arise within our current Solar System.
They were not allowed to cohabitate on Earth, this would be forbidden by our Solar Logo. Thus, their
place of refuge was that of Venus. There would be one that would rise up in ranks as The Venusians
flourished and presented with a new title. Lucifer, The Morning Star, a glorified extension to Holy
Beings and a savior to those building a new civilization on a new planet. His actions and
leadership would be the means that many among the Newly Awakened would survive. Many among the
Holy would come to adore him and he would catch the attention of one among The Dragon Council, more
specifically, one from The Plane of Dark. They were given their directives from The Plane of Holy and
Venus was used as a satellite. Whenever those of Holy were directed through The Dragon Council to give
Conscious Impulses into earths forming atmosphere, the Greater Holy Beings came through Venus.

These Conscious Impulses were of different origins, the first of these were directly from our Solar
Logo before 260 million years. After 260 million years to until just after The Lemurian Age, it was our
Reverend Planetary Logo (Yahweh) that gave us Conscious Impulses (which this will be further
explained later). From Lemurian and into the first have of The Atlantean Age, Holy Beings gave to us
Conscious Impulses. All centered to stimulate Conscious Growth when we were lacking it through
courses later defined.



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