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NIGELTEAPOT: So novelty like silly breathing exercises will give "peace," but not Absolute Truth?

The Old Testament was written by the Prophets of the Old Covenant and the New Testament was written by the last Prophets of the Old Covenant and the first Bishops of the Church (Apostles).

It was not written by "savages," but actual pagans like you do think that you can accuse your enemies of what you alone are guilty of.

Man is Made in the Image of God. That you are utterly taken by the capital sin of pride, and therefore believe that you have usurped Divine Will, does not mean that you are absolved from your evil by pretending your enemies are guilty of what you alone are guilty of.

That type of projection spoken about above is the par excellence example of despair, which is mortally sinful.

It is a strange game you play. you believe you have usurped God, and therefore have made yourself Divine. Then you realize you are not Divine, and so try to project onto God your own evil qualities. Then you try to accuse Christians of trying "make God in our image" as if to absolve yourself of your pride by the projection of despair.

It is absurd, sub rational, and damns you outright. Are you so reprobate that you cannot see what you are doing?

John Arthur: Which planet are you from?

NIGELTEAPOT: All men are born on this earth.

John Arthur: But do you come from outer space? Aren't you the one who is "absurd, sub rational, and damns you outright."? Isn't it you who is projecting despair? You exhibit no compassion towards those with whom you disagree and are a disgrace to a compassionate and caring Christianity.

NIGELTEAPOT: I have no idea what lead you to believe that "I know you are but what am I" is an argument, you have been trying it for three messages now.

In fact you double down on it by doing it twice in this same message.

Once more, if I hated you, I would encourage ou just like your demons are. Instead I am hurting you to wake you up. Seems to be working as you are clearly restless at your situation.



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